Taiyo Nippon Sanso India (TNSI) has slashed operating expenses and service delivery times by going all-in on SAP ERP with the help of Aeonx, an SAP Gold Partner. With two trans-filling facilities, TNSI is a market leader in India’s helium business. The Taiyo Nippon Sanso India Company Limited (TNSI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, a leading provider of industrial, Medical, Electronic and Specialty gases with headquarters in Japan.

TNSI has been instrumental in ensuring a ready supply of the most common Electronic and Specialty gases for usage in numerous industries, including microelectronics, surface coatings, glasses, and fibre optics, among several others. While Invoice and Delivery Challan are generated in SAP, TNSI uses TrackAbout as their primary cylinder asset management software. The database of TrackAbout stores the scanned data of gas cylinder pickup and delivery. In order to retrieve the cylinder details (serial number, TAG, lot number) for cylinder tracking, documentation, and reporting, the company needed advanced analytics tools and a unified system integrating the main features of its core business processes.

For TNSI, maintaining a clear integration strategy across internal and external communications was an enormously difficult task. Meanwhile, it could not afford to make a drastic technology change to deal with the problem.

With the use of SAP ERP, an enterprise resource planning application, TNSI was able to combine its several asset management platforms into a single one, improving internal communications’ efficiency and coherence. This is how Aeonx implemented its process step by step:

Implementation Process:

  • Obtaining requirements from the TNSI business team.
  • Analysing APIs with the TrackAbout US team.
  • Obtaining API access credentials from TrackAbout.
  • Creation of Z-Tables to store data from the TrackAbout API.
  • Develop a custom SAP program to implement TrackAbout’s REST API GET method.
  • Enhancement in VF03 header to display details about each cylinder.
  • Improvements in print output to display cylinder details.
  • The development of custom reports based on the data received from TrackAbout.

To enable this level of digitization, Aeonx created a custom program in SAP to implement the GET method of REST API using SAP standard class CL_HTTP_CLIENT. Aeonx team implemented REST API calls from SAP ABAP using this class, which makes HTTP communication possible in ABAP. In addition, a background schedule was set up for this program to run every two hours. Using SAP, a table was created to keep track of the last execution time and date.

Additionally, the program is scheduled to execute TrackAbout’s GET function every two hours beginning with the last execution date and time. The API returns order data in JSON format, and this is then converted into an internal table, which is then stored in a Z-Table, with the cylinder serial number and order number as key fields.

A modification to the VF03 header was made to better show cylinder information obtained from TrackAbout by referring to the Z- Table. According to requirements, cylinder details were also added to the output forms. Using the data that TrackAbout provided, unique reports were made to suit the needs of the business.

Within a month of integrating TNSI’s TrackAbout into SAP ERP system, many use cases were ready for production, and TNSI started to reap the rewards fairly quickly.

Through direct and seamless connectivity with TrackAbout and SAP ERP, Aeonx enables TNSI to access, search, share, and analyse all of their organisational data in one location. Once background jobs are planned, TNSI can use Aeonx’s solution to quickly implement a robust and flawless solution without any manual intervention, boosting their agility, efficiency, and digital transformation while also giving them a competitive edge in the energy market.

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