Harnessing the Cloud for Innovation

Harnessing the Cloud for Innovation

Harnessing the Cloud for Innovation: TCG Life Sciences' SAP on AWS Success Story

In the swiftly advancing field of life sciences, data isn’t just a resource; it’s the very lifeblood of innovation and progress. For TCG Life Sciences, a burgeoning enterprise in this sector, the burgeoning volumes of data and the need for agile, reliable access to computing resources were becoming a bottleneck, stifling their ability to innovate and respond to market demands. The partnership with Aeonx Digital Solutions Private Limited emerged as a pivotal moment, a digital metamorphosis that would redefine their operational efficacy and strategic agility.

The Challenge: A Data Deluge in Need of Direction

TCG Life Sciences stood at a crossroads where their data growth and workload management had surpassed the capabilities of their existing infrastructure. They were in dire need of a solution that was not just robust and scalable, but also meticulously compliant with the stringent regulations of the life sciences industry. The mandate was clear: migrate their SAP S/4 HANA workloads to a cloud environment that could carry the weight of their growing demands while navigating the complexities of compliance.

The Solution: Crafting a Cloud with Precision

Aeonx Digital Solutions, with its deep expertise in digital transformation, undertook the challenge, designing a cloud architecture on AWS that was nothing short of a digital fortress tailored for SAP workloads. The architecture was a masterclass in precision, involving meticulous architecting and provisioning of AWS infrastructure, fortified with robust security measures, and supplemented with comprehensive managed services. The deployment wasn’t just about lifting and shifting to the cloud; it was about reimagining the cloud environment with a Computer System Validation (CSV) approach, ensuring absolute compliance with the life sciences’ regulatory labyrinth.

The Outcome: A Triumph in Performance and Compliance

The results were transformative. TCG Life Sciences witnessed a significant leap in performance, scalability, and reliability. But perhaps more importantly, the CSV methodology cemented their stance on compliance and data integrity. This wasn’t merely a technical upgrade; it was a strategic enabler that fortified TCG Life Sciences’ commitment to adhering to the rigorous standards expected of them.

The Conclusion: A Beacon of Digital Excellence

The SAP on AWS deployment transcended being a mere case study; it became a testament to Aeonx Digital Solutions’ prowess in delivering cloud infrastructures that are not just efficient and scalable but also uncompromisingly compliant. For TCG Life Sciences, this digital evolution meant more than enhanced operations; it meant unlocking new potentials in a field where every byte of data can pave the way for the next breakthrough in life sciences. With Aeonx Digital Solutions, they are now perfectly poised to lead from the front, powered by a cloud that’s as resilient as their resolve to innovate.

Leading poultry farm

Leading poultry farm

Executive Summary:

Our customer, which started its journey in 1985 with ambitious goals, has grown to become a major player in multiple industries, including Poultry, FMCG, Solvent, Livestock feed, Specialized Pet Food, and Hospitality. The company is headquartered in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh and has built its reputation through research and development, advanced technologies, and a highly skilled workforce.

In addition to their business offerings, our customer has taken various socio-economic initiatives to improve the lives of rural poultry farmers, as well as underprivileged children, women, and youth.

Customer Challenge:

Our customer, a poultry farm business, used to rely on manual processes to track and manage their operations. They used to provide food and medicine to their own and third-party farms and conduct health check-ups, weight checks, and determine whether the chicken is dead or alive. Their supervisors visit the farms regularly to keep records, which are later verified and entered into SAP by the branch manager. Sales orders and delivery tasks are also managed in SAP, with the sales supervisor visiting the farm to complete the dispatch process and record weighment of chickens on paper. Once the truck is loaded, the supervisor submits the report to the back-office team for completing the sales data entry. However, this process is time-consuming and prone to errors.

The customer was facing the challenge of implementing a solution that can streamline their operations and provide a more efficient and accurate way of tracking their activities. They were looking for an online and offline solution that can be accessed through a smart device by their supervisors, enabling them to record data on the go. Additionally, the customer wanted to integrate this solution with SAP for automatic data entry of production and sales, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors. The customer needed a partner who can understand their requirements and provide a customized solution that can meet their business needs.

Why did our client choose AeonX?

Aeonx is a potential partner who met the requirement, provided they have the relevant expertise and experience in developing customized solutions for poultry farm businesses. The customer evaluated various potential partners and they found AeonX as their best fit as it is specialized in migrating to cloud and best fits their requirements, budget, and timeline.

AeonX Solution:

AeonX proposed a solution to the customer’s challenge by developing a cloud-based application that worked on both android and iOS devices, providing offline and online data entry facilities. They integrated the application with SAP for Production order, notification schedule, and sales delivery data sync. The application enabled supervisors to enter data, and sales and weighment supervisors to self-approve their entries. It listed entries for the current month on the mobile device, and data was synced with BTP when an internet connection was established. AeonX also provided SAP PP module integration for automatic production confirmation entry by considering self-approval, and SAP SD module integration for batch determination /Stock selection against sales delivery and Post Goods Issue Transaction. Additionally, they provided an integration monitoring cockpit for monitoring integration activities.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of an online and offline solution for the poultry farm business had brought about significant improvements in their operations. The solution enabled the supervisors to record data on the go through their smart devices, reducing the time and effort required for manual processes. The integration of the solution with SAP allowed the automatic data entry of production and sales data, eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.

Furthermore, the customized solution has met the specific requirements of the customer, providing them with a tailored solution that meets their business needs. AeonX understands their requirements and have resulted in a successful implementation and improved business outcomes. Overall, the implementation of the solution has helped the poultry farm business to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals of increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

KLT Automotive- RISE with SAP Implementation

KLT Automotive- RISE with SAP Implementation

Executive Summary:

When it comes to manufacturing top-quality automotive products, precision tubes, chassis frames, and body components, KLT stands head and shoulders above the competition. As a Tier 1 Supplier, they’re leading the way in cutting-edge R&D processes and technologies, delivering exceptional welding assemblies and hydroforming components from their premium tubular products.

Their brand-new tube plant is a marvel of modern engineering, producing a wide range of ERW, CDW, and CDS tubes that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Whether you’re in the domestic auto market or looking to export, KLT has you covered with their world-class products.

With a talented team of over 2500 skilled professionals and an impressive network of 16 plants, KLT is a true powerhouse in the regional market. Whether you’re a discerning consumer or an industry insider, you can’t go wrong with KLT’s unparalleled quality and innovation.

Customer Challenge:

For 15 long years, KLT Automotive had relied on the trusty ECC 5.0 system to power their manufacturing operations. But as the company continued to grow and expand, it soon became clear that their legacy system was no longer up to snuff.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, reports and data are a vital lifeline for any successful company. KLT had no shortage of daily reports that needed to be delivered to management, customers, and vendors alike. However, their current system was simply unable to keep up with the sheer volume of data that was being generated.

On top of that, KLT’s dispatch, purchase, and accounts processes were all in dire need of automation. The company knew that automating these critical functions would be the key to increasing productivity and maintaining their competitive edge.

With each activity playing a vital role in the manufacturing process, it was clear that KLT needed a solution that could monitor and optimize every aspect of their operations. That’s when the company realized that RISE with SAP was the answer.

Why RISE with SAP?

When KLT was evaluating ERP solutions, automation was a crucial factor that they considered. With RISE with SAP, they were impressed with the wide range of 3rd party interfaces that were available to them. They quickly got to work on implementing automation processes for Barcode and GSTN, which proved to be a game-changer for their operations. Currently, they are in the process of automating their ASN & Invoice process with customers, as well as the Goods receipt and invoice booking process.

One of the key features of RISE with SAP that they found to be incredibly useful was the Fiori or dashboard reports. This allowed them to easily pull reports in various layouts, without relying on junior staff members. Mid-level management was especially thrilled with this feature, as they could now gain insights into the company’s performance and operations without any delays or bottlenecks. With RISE with SAP, the client was able to streamline their processes and make data-driven decisions that would propel their business forward.

Why did they choose AeonX?

AeonX stood out as the top choice for their IT needs, thanks to our origins in India’s leading manufacturing company, which gives us a wealth of domain expertise. This first-hand experience helped us empathize with KLT’s pain points and ensures that their  IT journey is always aligned with their business journey. Our team has a wealth of experience in implementation and rollouts across a diverse range of business verticals. We have supported a broad range of industries, from finance to healthcare, and our SAP Certified Consultants possess the necessary consulting experience to handle huge and complex projects. Flexibility and availability are essential for us, and our up-to-date certifications allow us to advise them on modern processes and advanced functionalities. We have the ability to understand their complex tasks and complete go-lives within budget, scope, and on time.

AeonX’s Solution:

We implemented Rise with SAP to provide an advanced solution to KLT’s business problems. The benefits were numerous and impactful, ranging from faster report generation to streamlined costing

and vendor stock reconciliation. With the help of Rise with SAP, our team successfully automated previously manual processes, such as activity costing and reconciliation, which were a headache in the old ECC system. In addition, w e were able to integrate with third-party applications like Android and barcode scanners, making data management easier and more efficient. Finally, we enabled the use of workflows that

were previously restricted in the old system, providing our client with greater flexibility and control over their business processes.

Results and Benefits:

The adoption of Rise with SAP has brought significant benefits to KLT. One of the most notable advantages is the ease of managing the cloud solution. They no longer have to worry about the day-to-day operations and server management, giving them more flexibility to scale up or down as per their business needs. Additionally, Rise with SAP has helped to convert their expense model from Cap-Ex to Op-Ex, which is expected to reduce their overall TCO.

The adoption of Rise with SAP has also delivered impressive KPI benefits, including:

  • 75% increase in work speed
  • 80% simplification of data related to manufacturing processes such as repetitive manufacturing profile, bills of material, routings, production version, and production planning.
  • 80% increase in performance
  • 90% improvement in efficiently handling change management.
ITD Cementation

ITD Cementation

Executive Summary:

In recent years, ITD Cementation India Private Limited has received several awards for their excellent work, including the “Best Infrastructure Company” award from CNBC TV18 and the “Outstanding Concrete Structure Award” from the Indian Concrete Institute.

Overall, ITD Cementation India Private Limited is a reputable and reliable construction company that is well-equipped to handle a wide range of construction projects with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation.

Customer Challenge:

ITD Cementation Ltd. faced several complex challenges in their effort to migrate their SAP S/4 HANA 1709 system to RISE with SAP. The company had to ensure that their source system was fully prepared for migration, including the safe storage of a backup copy in the landing zone. Additionally, they had to migrate several other systems to AWS Cloud while maintaining critical application connectivity between their SAP and non SAP workloads. These challenges required significant planning and execution expertise to minimize disruption and downtime during the migration.

Furthermore, the ITD Cementation Ltd. team anticipated encountering bugs and issues during the Lift and Shift process. The team worked diligently to resolve these issues to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. After the migration, thorough testing was necessary to verify that the system was functioning as expected. Any issues that arose during testing required prompt resolution to avoid potential business disruptions. The AeonX team supported ITD Cementation Ltd. during this process, performing unit testing and providing assistance with integration testing and UAT to ensure a successful migration that met the needs of the organization.

Why did ITD Cementation Ltd. choose AeonX?

ITD Cementation Ltd. choose AeonX because of our unique approach to RISE with SAP migration. Unlike large system integrators, we leverage our highly automated RISE with SAP Labs, which consists of a combination of tools and services that allow customers to quickly experience their SAP ERP datasets on the latest live version of RISE with SAP on Cloud. This helps identify any remediation and complexity upfront, enabling a more seamless and efficient migration.

In addition, AeonX follows an established 6R migration strategy (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire and Retain) to map out a solution that enables a more holistic journey to Cloud while maximizing the commercial benefits of RISE with SAP. Our approach enables customers to migrate to RISE with SAP quickly and with minimal disruption, while also ensuring that the solution is tailored to their unique business needs. Ultimately, customers choose AeonX because of our commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions that drive business value and help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

AeonX Solution:

As part of the migration process from SAP S/4HANA 1709 to RISE with SAP, AeonX has provided a comprehensive solution to ITD Cementation Ltd. The solution includes validating the target system and architecture on RISE with SAP, taking a backup of the source database, transferring the backup from on-premise to RISE with SAP, and restoring the backup in the target RISE with SAP system by the AeonX Team . Additionally, AeonX will adjust interface and peripheral system connectivity and perform thorough testing and validation to ensure a successful migration.

By leveraging AeonX’s skills in RISE with SAP, ITD Cementation Ltd. will be able to quickly experience their SAP ERP datasets on the latest live version of RISE with SAP, enabling them to identify and remediate any potential complexities upfront. AeonX’s established 6R migration strategy (Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire and Retain) will enable ITD Cementation Ltd. to map out a solution that ensures a more holistic journey to Cloud while enabling the commercial benefits of RISE with SAP. The SAP workloads were deployed in a hybrid model, with S/4HANA in RISE and EP on one platform and BW and DMS on AWS. The project was completed within the scheduled timeline of 2.5 months, which was appreciated. Overall, AeonX’s solution will help ITD Cementation Ltd. to achieve a smooth and successful migration to RISE with SAP.

Results and Benefits:

ITD Cementation Ltd. faced several complex challenges during their migration to Rise with SAP, which required a comprehensive solution. Firstly, a detailed assessment was conducted to ensure the source system was fully prepared for migration, including backup and recovery planning to ensure the safe storage of a backup copy in the landing zone. Secondly, a thorough migration plan was developed that addressed critical application connectivity between SAP and non SAP workloads, along with the migration of other systems to AWS Cloud. AeonX provided significant planning and execution expertise to minimize disruption and downtime during the migration.

During the migration, ITD Cementation Ltd. encountered bugs and issues during the Lift and Shift process, which were promptly resolved by the AeonX team to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. After the migration, a comprehensive testing plan was implemented to identify and resolve any issues before and after the migration, with support for unit testing, integration testing, and UAT to ensure a successful migration that met the needs of the organization. Working with an experienced migration partner, such as AeonX, was essential to ensure a successful migration that minimized disruptions and downtime, with the new system functioning as expected, meeting the needs of the organization.

AeonX, as a migration partner, was able to provide a comprehensive solution to help businesses like ITD Cementation Ltd. migrate to RISE with SAP. By partnering with AeonX, businesses could work with a single partner to move all required systems and manage the transition to RISE with SAP with security and business continuity solutions included, ensuring operational alignment across their SAP and non-SAP workloads.

SAP AMS support for mining and exploration aimed at improving safety, compliance, and efficiency.

SAP AMS support for mining and exploration aimed at improving safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Through our 7 years of expertise, we ensure businesses continue to outperform while technology changes, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

In one of our recent projects, we worked with a major global provider of multi-mineral solutions with operations around the globe. Their IT infrastructure analysis showed significant inconsistencies and several issues with their SAP deployment.

To complete the life cycle management of IT applications and create a 360-degree model for daily operations, we advised implementing SAP AMS. This enhanced the efficiency of their departments and enabled them to adapt to the needs of their clients while at the same time concentrating on their business procedures.

The proliferation of brands with SAP AMS CPG.

The proliferation of brands with SAP AMS CPG.

The recent partnership we had with a client running one of Gujarat’s largest automation plants at Method GIDC in Rajkot, with a production capacity of over 75,000 square feet, serves as the ideal illustration of this.

In the Indian and global markets, our client a CPG company has been able to attain a reputable and trustworthy position through its par Quality, Reliability, Faith and Efficiency.

Our client reported malfunctions with their SAP systems. A complete diagnosis of their I.T infrastructure revealed an absence of preventive and corrective maintenance and support. 

This was addressed by implementing corrective actions through the provision of SAP AMS services, which led to a focus on a long-term strategy, where they improved their operational efficiency and gave individualized attention for a faster response.