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AeonX Digital is a niche Business Consulting company working in Application Development and Management Services, Sales, and Education/Training domain. We also provide Management, Business Transformation, Cloud & DevOps consultation for building, implementing and maintaining solutions and services. AeonX believes in increasing prospects with empowering ideas and engraining efforts to serve better.

We help business grow, market, and sell by providing valuable technical support. Our aim is to help companies reduce cost and be efficient using technology products and solutions. AeonX utilizes various tools to make business transformation solutions more productive yet in addition substantially viable.

Our solutions meet global standards, and we pledge to grow ethically with our clients. We are consistently committing to provide quality and customer satisfaction.


AeonX Digital made its first forays into the IT business in 2020, led by a seasoned and diverse team. We began as SAP consultants and quickly expanded to offer comprehensive ERP consulting, IT strategies, system integration, and problem-solving solutions.

Over the last five years, we have seamlessly provided SAP managed application services to our clients, along with infrastructure and security support; after exceeding their expectations, we have enabled them to further explore options for enhancing their external digital footprint in marketing, tendering, and procurement.

AeonX is the offspring of a 60-year-old worldwide multinational business. We are eager to expand our footprint across cutting-edge domains since we have a critical mass of necessary knowledge and expertise to achieve excellence in Information Technology services. We believe in achieving sustainability by providing the best services and solutions, which leads to long-term relationships.

The Value we create

Our primary competencies include ERP consulting, problem solving, IT strategy, and system integration.

Our cutting-edge implementation technique ensures less bother, lower project costs, high quality, and speedy ROI.

Our professionals also specialise in SAP cross-component knowledge systems, which include knowledge of third-party technologies with SAP’s permission.

We offer high-quality resource pool enablement backed by extensive subject and product knowledge.

We provide effective change management programmes that are reinforced by high-quality training to stay relevant and cutting-edge.

We focus on clients and assist them to build solutions to decrease long-term expenses and achieve great in-house sustainability.

Our creative business approach results in minimal operational expenses, which are passed on to our clients.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative, and future-proof solutions to our customers. We regard ourselves as enablers, assisting customers in effortlessly integrating cutting-edge technology across functions while carefully balancing cost and implementation speed. Our solutions will provide customers with the most practical, up-to-date, and cost-effective technology.

AeonX Digital believes that our culture of striving for greatness percolates from the workplace into the lives of our team members and, ultimately, into the community as a whole.


Our goal is to push your company to the next level and beyond by integrating technology and directing innovation in your processes. Our 5+ years of expertise enables us to work with you to continuously overcome technological advances. You get to focus on what you’re good at!

AeonX Digital is propelled by its employees. The organization is built on experience, a love of technology, a commitment to innovation, doing the right thing, and exceeding client expectations. We thrive on providing you with tailored solutions that enable your business to thrive. We want to grow alongside you.

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