RISE With SAP: Benefits and Implementation strategies

In the fast changing landscape of enterprise solutions, companies perpetually look for platforms that make operations to be run in an orderly manner, boost efficiency and fuel sustainable growth.

Among the newly launched products, discovering this service made me realize that its main area of innovation is the total transformation package.

While this is a question that may come to the mind of many, RISE with SAP incorporates the holistic Innovation Services ecosystem, which provides organizations with a range of benefits.

In this regard, let's ascend into the core of this breakthrough - unveiling the true innovation and its evident benefits.

Understanding RISE with SAP

By its essence, the RISE with SAP is a holistic service of business transformation on-demand.

It is a cloud suite that brings along its industry-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) with other modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, and cloud computing integration together which enables organizations for successful operations in different sectors.

This suite of solutions is designed to support businesses to sustain the demanded agility, reliability, and scalability for survival in the current digital economy. In addition to this, it is crucial to understand what is Rise with SAP?

Revolutionary technology is one of the most important features, among others, which make up the modular and adaptable nature of the RISE concept that enables organizations to build up their transformation roadmap, aligning it with their specific requirements and goals.

It also allows companies to maximize their value chain in multiple ways, whether through process optimization, innovation acceleration, or better customer relations, enabling a range of appropriate solutions and services for different business hurdles.

Benefits of RISE with SAP

1. Efficiency and Productivity are Enhanced

Applying automation and AI within the service tools businesses have the power to draw the most effective possible processes on the go. Moreover, these tools allow enterprises to leave out the manual labor and hence, optimize the resources utilization.

According to this, there is a decrease in workflow as well as a positive impact on the general performance of the organization. Simply put, robotics eliminates long cycle times, improves decision making speed, and lets people move over to giving valuable services that erases accomplishing routine activities.

Private Cloud is the evident example of this.

2. Enhancing The Future Readiness By Live On-The-Go Monitoring

Rise with SAP in Cloud incorporates intelligence analytics and reports development on the lead of which the organizations get a nice overview of the internal activities.

By leveraging the actions that generate insights and predictive analytics, the governing officials make informed decisions, recognize useful patterns, and respond timely to any possible impending problems.

This way businesses gain this competitive edge of being able to take a profit before the rest, anticipate opportunities and minimize loss potential.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Businesses mature and grow with time, they require scalable, and flexible solutions to allow them to change quickly in the face of diversified needs.

It brings the Rise cloud combined with the infrastructure of all services, which makes it possible for companies to easily scale their operations.

Whether it is about entering new markets, integrating acquisitions, creating an innovative product, it is believed that the discussed technology can empower companies to imagine their growth journey in infinite ways, this includes Rise with SAP S/4HANA as well.

4. Cost Optimization and Predictable Expenses With Time to Detect Cost Inefficiencies Early

Conventionally, the IT investments consist of the expensive hardware upfront and then there are the ongoing maintenance expenses.

This follows a subscription-based pricing system, the target organization prepares its budget more precisely, making expenditure control more systemized.

In addition to that, the company can handle greater amounts of information, contributing to faster and more effective operational procedures. You can experience ultimate services related to optimization by visiting this link.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

Today, the digital world is reshaping the business world to such an extent that delivering the best customers' experiences is a must to guarantee business achievements.

The service allows organizations to handle interactions on the individual level, listen to the needs of the customers and get them their goods wherever they are.

Closing the gap between customer data across platforms with AI-driven insights is the crucial factor for business differentiation in the market, development of long-standing brand loyalty, and generation of customer base.

6. High-paced Innovation and Sooner-to-Shelf

Through RISE with SAP, organizations will as quickly as possible carry out the innovation goals in their organizations and thereafter bring the new products and services to the market earlier.

With the aid of emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and predictive analytics, businesses have the opportunity to develop new lines of income and acquire manufacturing efficiencies.

Additionally, firms will remain competitive while comprehending SAP Rising Meaning.

In addition to that, the implicit ecosystem of partners and developers that is rich in industry-wise apps and skill, help to prop up the process of recycling quickly.

Implementation Strategies

While Rise is a comprehensive solution that offers value to companies looking to transition to SAP S/4HANA and harness the full potential of cloud offerings from SAP, it must be recognized that the transition to Rise with SAP is a strategic and planned process.

Here are some key strategies to consider for a successful Rise with SAP implementation:

Assessment and Planning

Current State Analysis: Identify various IT environment and business process studies that have been carried out before.

Define Objectives: Present the strategy and scope of the SAP in unambiguous terms to meet the outlined goals and objectives.

Gap Analysis: Determine potential areas of dissimilarity between the process as it is today as opposed to what it is expected to be in the future after the implementation of the change.

Roadmap Development: Develop a checkpoint to which the project can be referred at any time and for any work to be included in the timetable, produce a schedule, goals and objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

Executive Sponsorship: Top management should be naturally involved in leading the change and should be lined up in support of the new change process.

Communication Plan: Formulate the communication strategy on how they will engage all stakeholders during the planning and implementation of the strategic plan.

Change Management: Put in place measures to counteract the resistance likely to be encountered during the process to ensure that the change is successfully absorbed.

Technical Preparation

System Landscape Optimization: Leverage the current system issues for the openings for a smooth migration process.

Data Cleansing and Migration: Data should be pre-cleaned and then consolidated before migration occurs so as to meet the specifications of the new system.

Security and Compliance: Make certain that it has passed all the facility’s security and compliance regulations.

Process Redesign and Standardization

Business Process Reengineering: Here it can be stated that businesses should redesign their key business processes to be in accordance with SAP S/4HANA best practices.

Standardization: Simplify all tasks and operations that are being done in the organization and involve a lot of steps to be completed.

Custom Development and Integration

Customization: Define what specific changes would be required and check whether they make sense in terms of the general approach.

Integration: Consult with other IT departments and companies on how to better integrate the system with other existing systems and applications.

Training and Enablement

User Training: Create general sets of courses for target end-users and IT officials.

Knowledge Transfer: Make knowledge transfer a deliberate aspect of implementation so as to foster acquisition of internal competence.

Testing and Validation

Unit Testing: The next level of test is unit testing that tests each component of the Programme individually to confirm that the component functions as expected.

Integration Testing: This step involves the testing of all integration points to ensure End 2 End or process integration works correctly.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): This form involves end-users in the tests to ensure that the system meets the business requirements of the entity.

By following these strategies, organizations can effectively implement Rise with SAP, achieve their digital transformation goals, and enhance their business operations.

Customer Success Story

Let’s dive into a customer success story assisted by the effective and efficient solution at AeonX.

Executive Summary

ITD Cementation India Private Limited has been nominated and awarded many times for its operations such as CNBC TV18’s “Best Infrastructure Company” and the Indian Concrete Institute’s “Outstanding Concrete Structure.

Being one of the most reliable and excellent companies in the industry – ITD Cementation India is ready to accomplish any kind of work in the construction area while focusing on safety, sustainability and getting innovative ideas.

Customer Challenge


To achieve this optimal result, it was necessary to make sure that the source system was ready for migration, including creating a backup copy of it and storing it in the space called the landing zone.

Further, they had to migrate several other systems on AWS Cloud, but it was essential to have connectivity between SAP and Non-SAP workloads in applications.

This was not a simple chore but rather a highly complicated one that needed careful strategizing in order not to affect the operations of the organization.

Realizing that the Lift and Shift process is bound to experience some bugs as well as issues, the ITD Cementation team thrived to address any flaws so that no hitches would occur.

After migration, it was important to ensure that the new changes implemented in the system had acceptable functionality.

Any challenges are bound to surface during the testing process for the need to have them addressed before the business is affected.

Integrated test drive: Unit testing and integration testing as well as some level of user acceptance test was performed by AeonX to support ITD Cementation in the course of the migration and was confident that the company’s needs were met.

Why ITD Cementation Ltd. Chose AeonX

Due to the feature characteristic of RISE, ITD Cementation Ltd. opted for AeonX for leading it.

While other global system integrators assess RISE, AeonX has built an intensely automated rapid prototype smart integrated experience with SAP Labs, enabling customers to see their SAP ERP datasets on RISE with SAP on Cloud rapidly.

This means identifying either remediation or complexity upfront in order to make the eventual migration smoother.

The kind of migration that we use is a 6R migration strategy which contains Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire, Retain and so we can have a commercial implementation of RISE with SAP and at the same time customized according to the needs of every client.

Customers come to AeonX because it is known to provide only the best solutions, which would help business grow and open new opportunities for the digital transformation process.

AeonX Solution

During the transition process from SAP S/4HANA 1709 to RISE with SAP in ITD Cementation Ltd. AeonX offered a broad solution in this scenario, which consists of implementing the followings: The checking of the target system and architectures in RISE with SAP, copying the source database onto a server from the on-premise environment and then copying and restoring the exact source database in the target RISE with SAP system.

Moreover, since the migration processes involved changes in the interface and connection of peripheral systems in AeonX, significant testing and validation were performed to achieve successful migration.

Their prior experience of RISE with SAP helped AeonX to help ITD Cementation to realize their SAP ERP datasets on live version of RISE with SAP within no time and allow for early warning signs of potential issues in cases of RISE with SAP.

The 6R migration strategy facilitated a holistic journey to Cloud, deploying SAP workloads in a hybrid model: S/4HANA with RISE on enhancing S/4HANA, EP on one customize platform and BW and DMS on AWS.

The work was done within the time frame of Two months as the time of completion of the project.

In 2.5 months it established efficiency and effectiveness in the midst of its operations.

Results and Benefits

To these ends, AeonX carried out an evaluation to determine that the source system is properly ready for migrating to RISE with SAP, and identifying clear strategies for backup and recovery.

There were some important ideas as follows: The comprehensive migration strategy was created to achieve SAP application connectivity with all other non-SAP and to Migrate other systems on the AWS cloud.

ITD Cementation Pvt Ltd looks into AeonX’s planning and execution which curbed disruption and time wastage.

Some issues arose as ITD Cementation transitioned from using Windows to Linux-based systems, but all were addressed immediately and proactively.

Other testing activities that preceded and followed migration included: unit testing, integration testing and User Acceptance testing that helped to identify and rectify some problems.

The engagement with AeonX provided effective SAP migration services to practice truly parallel computing to avoid system downtime for both SAP and non-SAP workload.

Particularly, the selection of appropriate services might allow organizations like ITD Cementation Ltd. to transfer all the necessary systems to the RISE with SAP and successfully coordinate the change process in terms of IT security and corporate continuity.

You can read a detailed summarization of the entire process here.


This technology strives to change the way companies transform their businesses, providing a holistic offering comprising some of the best digital solutions on the market.

Through metrics that aid in the assessment of effectiveness, initial as well as SAP Rise Private Cloud measures its benefits across productivity, output, scalable operations, cost optimization, customer experience, and innovation.

As a result, businesses have an opportunity to achieve sustainable growth, remain resilient and grab new market opportunities in the face of change.

The arrival of this tech on the digital route of business organizations presents itself as a strategic partnership, which supplies them with all the necessity from complexity to innovation till they completely transform their world in the digital economy.

Get more information about the topic by visiting this website, RISE with SAP.


What are the key components of RISE with SAP?

SAP is represented by many of the mentioned systems: S/4HANA Cloud, Business Technology Platform, Business Network, and Business Process Intelligence along with other elements. SAP Rise Program integrates to create an end-to-end and deployable technology interference for enterprises.

How does RISE with SAP help in cloud adoption?

RWS eliminates the service complexities in the cloud space with the help of a multitude of tools and technologies specifically designed to suit individual business needs. It provides one integrated cloud platform for both moving and managing workloads. On it, as well as on tools for monitoring, governance, and security are built into the same 


What is Rise with SAP S/4HANA?

Rise with SAP S/4HANA is an all-encompassing SAP proposition that assists businesses in their digital journey of transforming their operations to the age of digitalization and modernization.


It integrates the SAP S/4HANA, which is an intelligent and cloud-based ERP system, with enterprise solutions and services now it becomes easy for an enterprise to facilitate transformation.


SAP on the rise enables digital transformation through providing organizations with smart tools, methods, and knowledge to simplify their operations, improve the tempo of changing environments and lead to innovation.


It changes organizations into intelligent enterprises capable of competing in the space of changing business environments by combining the established procedures and latest technologies.

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