With a history spanning more than 60 years, Ashapura is a top provider of multi-mineral
solutions with a global presence, operating throughout a vast network of states in India and in
seven other nations.
Ashapura is a preferred supplier to multinational corporations in more than 70 countries on four
continents due to its consistent quality and capacity to customize mineral solutions. However,
their methods of operation were not efficient, putting their growth prospects at risk.

Business Challenges

All types of data in the business were maintained using Excel, including data pertaining to manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance. Upon examining the mining activities in different regions of Guinea, it was readily apparent that they were completely dependent on the information
provided in Excel. Consequently, disparate data sets were generated, inaccurate records were kept, and control and profitability analysis were flawed.

Their multi-country structure required the management of numerous accounting systems, different currencies, and currency consolidation,which they could not accomplish with their current setup. The company reached a point in its expansion where its legacy systems could not
provide the visibility it needed to effectively manage its operations.

Furthermore, Ashapura operates out of Guinea, where French is the official language. A majority of the client’s personnel only speak French. They do not speak English. In addition, a significant number of shipments are moved to a port for sales, where the skilled crew is unavailable due to the port’s remote location. For clients, this stage is an important part of the process since they are receiving actual weight details on their materials.

Business solutions achieved through AeonX

Ashapura sought the help of AeonX after evaluating all the available options. AeonX helped to redesign its business completely and include its fundamental tools and procedures as well. AeonX recommended SAP S/4HANA 1909 for a mining and manufacturing operation, too simplify the processing of sales papers in sales and distribution. This new feature boosts the efficiency of the sales process by building a funnel for requests for credit memos, sales quotations, and orders.

Finance & Controlling (FI/CO) now allows them to accept multiple currencies, including the transaction currency. Using this function, reports can be taken in multiple currencies as required.

Further, AeonX proposed the SAP GUI language pack for French support to overcome the language barrier and kept all configuration and master data in both English and French. AeonX suggested utilizing the work centre to identify the performance and productivity of owned or
hired resources.

There is now a system in place for tracking activities in the work centre to identify the machines own or contractual and also created storage locations for vendors so that the quantity of inventory can be determined.

A Standard Operating Procedure was created to maintain track of vendor invoices where everything depends on approximation. To record weight in SAP, the weighbridge integration was completed.In order to reduce entry errors and attempts due to a lack of skilled staff, RFID sensors and AI technology are used.

Vehicles are now fitted with RFID tags that are used as unique identifiers while doing transactions. The system automatically captures all the information by scanning an RFID tag when the vehicle arrives at the specified spot for loading or unloading material.

In order to store the information, the system additionally records the vehicle’s weight and creates a gate pass entry in SAP. By taking into account the information that was gathered, the system will automatically post SAP standard transactions in the background when the journey is

Value Delivered

By collaborating with a team of knowledgeable consultants with multiple modules of experience, the AeonX team was able to deliver a high-quality implementation in a short amount of time. Because of the extensive interconnection, it’s crucial to have SAP consultants who are aware of both their individual modules and how they work together with other SAP modules.

Within two weeks of going live, the client teams established a new routine in their business procedures and experienced minimal downtime. AeonX’s role quickly changed from implementation to assistance. Following a successful implementation, AeonX was chosen to provide SAP system support for the next three years.

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