Bhilosa Industries, headquartered in Mumbai and founded in 1989, has been in the textile business for nearly 100 years. With over 2500 employees, disaster recovery is critical to ensure that work does not halt if their servers fail.

Bhilosa tried a handful of hyperscalers, but they couldn’t help them set up a reliable disaster recovery system, which led to other major issues.

As an AWS select partner, AeonX stepped in to assist them in resolving this issue. Our team met with Bhilosa Industry and demonstrated the value and technical advantages of AWS solutions.

We set up the EC2 servers and ran Lambda scripts for automation using the DR Replication Methodology. It was difficult to migrate the data from their previous server because it was in a remote area with connectivity issues. AWS direct connect was the answer to this problem.

Upon in depth understanding of their requirements, AeonX made the following architecture to ensure they do not face issues again:

Here are the benefits of their new DR that we set up for Bhilosa:  

1) Reliability

Given the past, the team needed to make sure that the present DR did not fail when it was most required. Following the successful completion of the setup, DR drills were conducted to confirm the system’s reliability in the event of an emergency. The system characteristics are checked with Cloud Watch to ensure that everything is working well.

Bhilosa may be confident in its new DR thanks to these testing and monitoring techniques.

2) Minimize downtime and data loss:

Bhilosa’s new elastic disaster recovery, powered by AWS, helped to reduce downtime and data loss. Their new DR is quick, with on-premises and cloud-based apps recovering reliably. All of this was accomplished with low-cost storage, minimum computing power, and point-in-time recovery.

3) Security and Compliance:

Because SAP is a vital business platform that maintains Bhilosa’s critical business data, security was a major worry. AWS services assist in ensuring compliance with internal security standards as well as external regulations in the areas where it operates.

Encryption of data at rest and in transit was a top priority. Bhilosa intelligent threat prevention was made possible because of Amazon GuardDuty.

4) Support at every stage:

AeonX supported Bhilosa at every stage as an AWS select partner and professional consultant. The account manager assisted them in resolving any concerns that arose as well as evaluating new services. Bhilosa addressed various challenges, including security and compliance, bad server connectivity, and, most significantly, establishing a dependable disaster recovery system, thanks to their knowledge and experience in the consulting field.

Customer Feedback:

“It was great working with AeonX! The team was very supportive and did a thorough job when it came to understanding our requirements. It was great to see how they tackled issues that came up such as low connectivity due to a remote location. AWS saved us a lot of money since we did not have to invest in infrastructure, and we thank the AeonX team for their advice and support at every stage.”

                                                                                                                                     -Deepak Jashnani, CIO.

                                                                                                                                      Bhilosa Industries Pvt.Ltd

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