BVG India Limited deploys AWS for Disaster Recovery

BVG India Limited deploys AWS for Disaster Recovery

BVG India Limited, founded in 1997 by Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, is a responsible and forward-thinking company that seeks to support India’s entire development. By 2030, the BVG group hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of ten million people through empowerment, employment, and education.

Trying to Meet Recovery Goals

BVG’s Disaster Recovery(DR) system was on the verge of failure. For disaster recovery, they used on-site infrastructure servers, which lacked the flexibility they would have needed. As a result, they lost all of their data. To overhaul its DR solution and fulfil the company’s larger goal of migration to the cloud, BVG turned to AeonX. 

BVG’s focus on customer service has fuelled a rapid level of growth since its launch around three decades ago. BVG’s DR testing and drills revealed the following issues with its existing infrastructure:

  • The solution, which was hosted on a physical server on-site, was unable to keep up with the expansion of the business. 
  • Backup was performed in the on-premise data centre, which was expensive and hard to scale as requirements increased.
  • Hardware was starting to deteriorate and would last for 2 to 3 years at most.
  • Having no disaster recovery system enabled a heavy reliance on local backups that are unreliable, which led to the loss of data.

Furthermore, it had limited assistance for technology testing and development and its systems were not as adaptable as they would have desired. Additionally, the company lacked a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery(DR) plan and required a technology infrastructure that could meet demand while also fostering additional expansion.

In search of reliability and automation

BVG India Limited began working with AeonX, an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, in the summer of 2022 to deploy AWS On-Cloud Disaster Recovery, which minimizes downtime and data loss with the quick, dependable recovery of cloud-based applications using economical storage, minimum computing, and point-in-time recovery. 

By working through the night through its 24/7 delivery centre, AeonX came up with a solution to fix the production server. It was accomplished by proposing the following structural changes:

  • By hosting Disaster Recovery on the cloud, we minimize downtime and data loss, utilizing affordable storage, minimal computing, and point-in-time recovery methods of cloud-based applications.
  • Review of monthly costs using AWS Trusted Advisor and, if necessary, recommendations to reduce the number of instances.
  • Recommended to turn off the preload option when setting up replication between primary and secondary instances. By deactivating this option, duplicated data is not loaded into the memory of the secondary HANA instance, so the second instance does not require the same amount of memory. Lowering costs while ensuring fail-safe protection.
  • By using scripting, we were able to automate the DR monitoring and DR health status.
  • With the scripting automation technique, BVG is given real-time notifications; this allows them to be informed of any problems immediately and take swift action.

With a more efficient DR solution in place, BVG India Limited has been working alongside AeonX to accelerate the migration from its on-premises data centre to the cloud on AWS. Using AWS disaster recovery hosting in the cloud, BVG has saved at least 20x on upfront costs. It improved its recovery goals, achieving an RTO of 4 hours as opposed to 12 hours (a 67 per cent jump) and an RPO of 2 hours as opposed to 4 hours (a 50 per cent boost).

Additionally, it postponed a sizable planned capital expenditure to upgrade the hardware in its DR data centre and instead redirected that money to cover the operational costs of maintaining DR in the cloud.

Public Sector Competency in AWS

Public Sector Competency in AWS

Public Sector Competency in AWS Government organizations is rapidly adopting cloud services to drive efficiency and unlock new digital experiences for their users.

As the market leader in cloud infrastructure services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to see strong adoption among government agencies – particularly departments with high IT security standards and compliance requirements. 

In this brief, you will learn about the benefits of implementing AWS in government agencies. By understanding these best practices, you can ensure that your implementation of AWS will be secure and compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Read on to understand why your organization should adopt AWS, the different ways it can be implemented within your agency, and more.

Strengthening public sector infrastructure with AWS

Maintain security and compliance:

Designed with comprehensive security capabilities, AWS can meet the most rigorous requirements in terms of information security.

With AWS, you can access cloud services at every level of classification: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, or Top Secret.

AWS Cloud provides comprehensive controls, auditing, and wide security accreditation to support compliance with numerous laws, including those related to health, family education rights, privacy rights, and criminal justice information systems.

Drive innovation in support of citizens :

The government is better able to innovate in order to safeguard and assist individuals thanks to our builder’s mentality. More services are provided from AWS than from any other cloud provider, with 200 fully featured services available for a variety of technologies. Within such services, AWS also offers the most sophisticated capabilities.

AWS offers the most comprehensive and in-depth selection of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services for your company. We are primarily concerned with resolving some of the most difficult problems that prevent every developer from using ML.

Power, modernize, and maximize enterprise systems:

The massive enterprise-level systems that manage the social, medical, and financial benefits in providing care to millions of people can be powered and transformed by AWS.

  • Get assistance with database migration and dependable, scalable data storage
  • Transform your data into valuable insights by sharing it across platforms
  • Reduce costs by quickly scaling up or down IT resources
  • The most complex organizations can easily implement sophisticated and secure access permissions and processes

Facilitate innovation and enhance the customer experience:

Access constituent services more easily and effectively for improved social outcomes.

  • Increase staff efficiency by creating mobile applications, virtual assistance, and self-service portals
  • Get instant access to powerful IT resources, like natural language processing or machine learning, to improve customer service

Make your solutions faster, better, and more accessible with AWS:

AWS unlocks business enablement, marketing, and technical resources. Connect with your customers while accelerating your go-to-market efforts.

  • Utilize technical resources, consultations, and well-architected evaluations to speed up development with AWS.
  • Create useful data visualizations to aid in decision-making

Maintain and modernize legacy databases and systems:

The scalability, high availability, and lower costs of the AWS Cloud give law enforcement and public safety organizations greater leverage.

  • Support for database migration and reliable and secure data storage
  • Ensure fast, reliable disaster recovery to minimize data loss and downtime
  • Create sophisticated and secure access permissions for organizations of any size
  • Hybrid cloud solutions using on-premises resources

How AeonX can help?

Keeping a long-term consumer focus, being hyper-vigilant, and avoiding practices that slow down innovation is essential for a company in today’s world.

The AWS Public Sector Competency demonstrates AWS technical expertise and proven customer success across a wide range of industries, use cases, and workloads. 

AeonX assists you in using the cloud to transform ideas into opportunities, resulting in new avenues for expansion, improved productivity, and improved customer service. 

With the support of our knowledgeable personnel, you may increase your company’s performance by more than 40% and get better outcomes.

Migrate-to-Modernize: A Case Study      

Migrate-to-Modernize: A Case Study      

Innovations were brewing at one of the largest automatic plants in India. Gopal Namkeen’s ambitions were stymied by its reliance on traditional hosting, a lack of a barcode reading system, and non-integrated sales systems.

With the help of AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, Aeonx, and its Greengrass technology solution powered by AWS, Gopal Namkeen automated these critical processes and integrated its disparate legacy systems into a cohesive technology stack. By focusing its resources on business strategy rather than on time-consuming manual processes, Gopal Namkeen has improved key marketplace KPIs and grown nearly 10x in the last year.

Accelerating with a rapid pace

With a reputable and trustworthy market position achieved through quality, reliability, and faith since 1994, Gopal Namkeen has one of the largest automatic plants spread over 75000 Sq.ft. in Rajkot. Gopal Namkeen’s crunchy, mouth-watering Snack Pellets are extremely popular in all age groups. 

Gopal Namkeen faced significant challenges with being able to rapidly accelerate, scale, and improve its packing and dispatch architecture at the start of the pandemic. The problem could be attributed to three factors: traditional hosting, slow, independent systems that did not integrate well, and reliance on a labor-intensive, error-prone, non-integrated sales platform that was difficult to use for packing and despatch.

As Bipin Hadvani, Managing Director at Gopal Namkeen Group described it, “Our system and processes couldn’t maintain pace with our brand, catalog, and product range because we did not have the ability to move as aggressively as we would have liked.”

From day one, Gopal Namkeen made it clear that it wanted a complete picture of its systems, not views of different silos. They also required that the data be in JSON format for it to be imported into the portal.

Stepping into Integration and Automation

The project had to be done entirely remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions. In spite of this, the team managed to complete it in just two months. This is how Aeonx approached the task and completed it in such a short amount of time-

Network Setting Operations Of AWS

•Built a system that can read barcodes

•Developed a dispatching system that integrates sales orders

•Hosting of the solution within a development environment

•Testing by AeonX and Gopal Snacks team for end-to-end portal functionalities.

•DNS update for domain authentication and CName records.

•Provide live setup + support for 1 month after going live

AWS Green Grass Technology

We proposed AWS Greengrass technology to store the barcode data, which allows data to be stored locally in the event of an internet outage. This data can then be uploaded to the cloud once the internet is back up. Also, we created functionality in the portal to modify the time when packing vouchers are generated, which exports the data further to SAP through the REST API. Further, only approved sales order data is imported from SAP to the portal. In order to begin loading, the sales order is further matched against the dispatch line. If a different item that was not in the sales order is dispatched, the system is set up to automatically modify the order in SAP. Order status changes once the material is successfully loaded into the vehicle. Furthermore, the closed order data is sent to SAP using a REST API.

The barcode integration with the packing and dispatch system enables dealers the flexibility of ordering products and sharing information with the management, no matter where they are. With AWS, they can now automate key processes of their daily operations while tracking real-time data on SAP. “We are already seeing a 10-percent performance improvement and we are only halfway through implementation,” stated Bipin Hadvani, Managing Director, Gopal Namkeen.

Implementation Of AWS technology

How Gopal Namkeen improved the dealer experience by modernizing the order processing system.

How Gopal Namkeen improved the dealer experience by modernizing the order processing system.

With the laying of the foundation stone, Gopal Namkeen was established in 1994. The company sells snacks and Namkeen both domestically and internationally and is one of the oldest and most well-known Indian brands. The headquarters of Gopal Namkeen is located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Gopal Namkeen has a large dealer network, and on a busy day, this means processing a large number of orders and integrating backend ERP systems. To collect orders from their dealers, Gopal Namkeen relied on a legacy system. As most dealers buy wholesale products, these transactions involve bulk purchases as well. Traditional hosting was used for the underlying dealer portal application architecture, which was not well suited for speed. As the number of transactions increased, it became sluggish, and the user interface was difficult to manage.

Our team worked remotely on this project due to the pandemic, and it only took us two months to complete. They also needed the data to be in JSON format, which they could feed into the dealer portal.

Here’s how AeonX went about delivering a high-quality end solution:

  • Detailed Requirement Gathering from Gopal Snacks
  • Finalize solution design and database for Dealer Portal.
  • Dealer Portal development as per the scope.
  • Hosting of Solution in Development Environment
  • Testing by AeonX and Gopal Namkeen team for end-to-end portal


  • Solution Improvement as per the findings during testing.
  • DNS update for Domain Authentication using DKIM and CName records.
  • Go Live + 1 Month Go-Live Support

After gaining a thorough grasp of their needs, AeonX devised the following architecture to ensure that they don’t run into problems again:

The following are the advantages of the new dealer portal we created for Gopal Namkeen:

  1. Dealers can order products based on their needs – the dealer portal allows them to be more flexible when it comes to ordering things. They can now put an order size that corresponds to their requirement.
  2. Some of their items are produced in various locales. When a dealer places an order in this situation, the order is sent directly to the factory where the product is made.
  3. If a dealer orders many products, not all of them are manufactured in the same place. In this situation, the order is sent to the appropriate factory, which subsequently delivers it to the dealer.
  4. It’s possible that certain products will spoil while in transit. In that instance, the dealers are prohibited from purchasing the merchandise since the food may spoil before it reaches them.
  5. Potato chips, for example, are created in all factories. When a dealer places an order for certain products, it is sent straight to the facility closest to them.
  6. Gopal Snacks can limit order values based on a Dealer’s credit limit in the system — certain dealers were bringing in more sales for Gopal Namkeen than others. As a result, we created a gateway where they can allocate a higher-order value to their top dealers. This guarantees that companies are maximizing earnings and properly allocating their products.
  7. Dealers may now access their credit limit on the dealer portal — Dealers can now easily view their credit limit on the order screen. This saves both parties a lot of time because they don’t have to engage on a frequent basis to verify how much credit they have.
  8. With the help of live integration, once the vendor has paid, the system will automatically release the credit block – We designed a solution to automate their process once the money from the vendor is received.
  9. Dealers can check on the status of their orders.
  10. Through the portal, the dealer can obtain an account statement.

We assisted them in taking a stride forward and digitally transforming by having one of Gujarat’s largest automated plans. Their most important day-to-day operations have been automated. With the support of AWS, they can keep track of real-time SAP data. They may now study a wide range of data and make decisions based on analytics to maximize their earnings because they have access to a large amount of data.

Moving up the AWS Partner Network ranks, AeonX achieves Advanced Tier Status.

Moving up the AWS Partner Network ranks, AeonX achieves Advanced Tier Status.

AeonX, an SAP and digital solutions consultant, proudly announces its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner status achievement in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Just like AeonX, AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners are the organizations known for their prowess in technology and exceptional customer service.

AeonX’s technical proficiency can be estimated by its number of service-specific AWS technical certifications validated by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, including architecture review, customer documentation, and customer case study details to assure they follow only the best AWS practices for their product integration with specific AWS services.

To date, AeonX has 1 AWS Service Validation, 5+ AWS Certifications, 20+ AWS Customer Launches, 74 AWS Partners for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs in their portfolio, including “Professional” DevOps (Development plus Operations) Certifications for AWS solutions and services.

“We are excited to highlight these designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.” Derek Belt, Sr.Communications Manager, AWS Marketing

Organizations looking to explore or optimize their cloud environment can opt for AeonX as their trusted AWS Partner. AeonX’s proven AWS expertise and capabilities include AWS Advanced Tier Competency, and AWS Systems Manager Delivery, for which the organizations should undergo technical validation and evaluation of their AWS solutions and practices.

AeonX offers the best AWS & DevOps consultation for building solutions and services. We believe in enhancing prospects with empowering ideas and engaging efforts to serve our customers better. We help in making businesses grow, market, and sell by providing valuable technical support. We help companies reduce costs & be efficient using SAP products & solutions. AeonX is an SAP Gold Partner with an interest in SAP Consulting & Resell.

For more information:

Disaster Recovery for Bhilosa Industry Using AWS.

Disaster Recovery for Bhilosa Industry Using AWS.

Bhilosa Industries, headquartered in Mumbai and founded in 1989, has been in the textile business for nearly 100 years. With over 2500 employees, disaster recovery is critical to ensure that work does not halt if their servers fail.

Bhilosa tried a handful of hyperscalers, but they couldn’t help them set up a reliable disaster recovery system, which led to other major issues.

As an AWS select partner, AeonX stepped in to assist them in resolving this issue. Our team met with Bhilosa Industry and demonstrated the value and technical advantages of AWS solutions.

We set up the EC2 servers and ran Lambda scripts for automation using the DR Replication Methodology. It was difficult to migrate the data from their previous server because it was in a remote area with connectivity issues. AWS direct connect was the answer to this problem.

Upon in depth understanding of their requirements, AeonX made the following architecture to ensure they do not face issues again:

Here are the benefits of their new DR that we set up for Bhilosa:  

1) Reliability

Given the past, the team needed to make sure that the present DR did not fail when it was most required. Following the successful completion of the setup, DR drills were conducted to confirm the system’s reliability in the event of an emergency. The system characteristics are checked with Cloud Watch to ensure that everything is working well.

Bhilosa may be confident in its new DR thanks to these testing and monitoring techniques.

2) Minimize downtime and data loss:

Bhilosa’s new elastic disaster recovery, powered by AWS, helped to reduce downtime and data loss. Their new DR is quick, with on-premises and cloud-based apps recovering reliably. All of this was accomplished with low-cost storage, minimum computing power, and point-in-time recovery.

3) Security and Compliance:

Because SAP is a vital business platform that maintains Bhilosa’s critical business data, security was a major worry. AWS services assist in ensuring compliance with internal security standards as well as external regulations in the areas where it operates.

Encryption of data at rest and in transit was a top priority. Bhilosa intelligent threat prevention was made possible because of Amazon GuardDuty.

4) Support at every stage:

AeonX supported Bhilosa at every stage as an AWS select partner and professional consultant. The account manager assisted them in resolving any concerns that arose as well as evaluating new services. Bhilosa addressed various challenges, including security and compliance, bad server connectivity, and, most significantly, establishing a dependable disaster recovery system, thanks to their knowledge and experience in the consulting field.

Customer Feedback:

“It was great working with AeonX! The team was very supportive and did a thorough job when it came to understanding our requirements. It was great to see how they tackled issues that came up such as low connectivity due to a remote location. AWS saved us a lot of money since we did not have to invest in infrastructure, and we thank the AeonX team for their advice and support at every stage.”

                                                                                                                                     -Deepak Jashnani, CIO.

                                                                                                                                      Bhilosa Industries Pvt.Ltd