With the laying of the foundation stone, Gopal Namkeen was established in 1994. The company sells snacks and Namkeen both domestically and internationally and is one of the oldest and most well-known Indian brands. The headquarters of Gopal Namkeen is located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Gopal Namkeen has a large dealer network, and on a busy day, this means processing a large number of orders and integrating backend ERP systems. To collect orders from their dealers, Gopal Namkeen relied on a legacy system. As most dealers buy wholesale products, these transactions involve bulk purchases as well. Traditional hosting was used for the underlying dealer portal application architecture, which was not well suited for speed. As the number of transactions increased, it became sluggish, and the user interface was difficult to manage.

Our team worked remotely on this project due to the pandemic, and it only took us two months to complete. They also needed the data to be in JSON format, which they could feed into the dealer portal.

Here’s how AeonX went about delivering a high-quality end solution:

  • Detailed Requirement Gathering from Gopal Snacks
  • Finalize solution design and database for Dealer Portal.
  • Dealer Portal development as per the scope.
  • Hosting of Solution in Development Environment
  • Testing by AeonX and Gopal Namkeen team for end-to-end portal


  • Solution Improvement as per the findings during testing.
  • DNS update for Domain Authentication using DKIM and CName records.
  • Go Live + 1 Month Go-Live Support

After gaining a thorough grasp of their needs, AeonX devised the following architecture to ensure that they don’t run into problems again:

The following are the advantages of the new dealer portal we created for Gopal Namkeen:

  1. Dealers can order products based on their needs – the dealer portal allows them to be more flexible when it comes to ordering things. They can now put an order size that corresponds to their requirement.
  2. Some of their items are produced in various locales. When a dealer places an order in this situation, the order is sent directly to the factory where the product is made.
  3. If a dealer orders many products, not all of them are manufactured in the same place. In this situation, the order is sent to the appropriate factory, which subsequently delivers it to the dealer.
  4. It’s possible that certain products will spoil while in transit. In that instance, the dealers are prohibited from purchasing the merchandise since the food may spoil before it reaches them.
  5. Potato chips, for example, are created in all factories. When a dealer places an order for certain products, it is sent straight to the facility closest to them.
  6. Gopal Snacks can limit order values based on a Dealer’s credit limit in the system — certain dealers were bringing in more sales for Gopal Namkeen than others. As a result, we created a gateway where they can allocate a higher-order value to their top dealers. This guarantees that companies are maximizing earnings and properly allocating their products.
  7. Dealers may now access their credit limit on the dealer portal — Dealers can now easily view their credit limit on the order screen. This saves both parties a lot of time because they don’t have to engage on a frequent basis to verify how much credit they have.
  8. With the help of live integration, once the vendor has paid, the system will automatically release the credit block – We designed a solution to automate their process once the money from the vendor is received.
  9. Dealers can check on the status of their orders.
  10. Through the portal, the dealer can obtain an account statement.

We assisted them in taking a stride forward and digitally transforming by having one of Gujarat’s largest automated plans. Their most important day-to-day operations have been automated. With the support of AWS, they can keep track of real-time SAP data. They may now study a wide range of data and make decisions based on analytics to maximize their earnings because they have access to a large amount of data.

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