Public Sector Competency in AWS Government organizations is rapidly adopting cloud services to drive efficiency and unlock new digital experiences for their users.

As the market leader in cloud infrastructure services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to see strong adoption among government agencies – particularly departments with high IT security standards and compliance requirements. 

In this brief, you will learn about the benefits of implementing AWS in government agencies. By understanding these best practices, you can ensure that your implementation of AWS will be secure and compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Read on to understand why your organization should adopt AWS, the different ways it can be implemented within your agency, and more.

Strengthening public sector infrastructure with AWS

Maintain security and compliance:

Designed with comprehensive security capabilities, AWS can meet the most rigorous requirements in terms of information security.

With AWS, you can access cloud services at every level of classification: Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, or Top Secret.

AWS Cloud provides comprehensive controls, auditing, and wide security accreditation to support compliance with numerous laws, including those related to health, family education rights, privacy rights, and criminal justice information systems.

Drive innovation in support of citizens :

The government is better able to innovate in order to safeguard and assist individuals thanks to our builder’s mentality. More services are provided from AWS than from any other cloud provider, with 200 fully featured services available for a variety of technologies. Within such services, AWS also offers the most sophisticated capabilities.

AWS offers the most comprehensive and in-depth selection of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services for your company. We are primarily concerned with resolving some of the most difficult problems that prevent every developer from using ML.

Power, modernize, and maximize enterprise systems:

The massive enterprise-level systems that manage the social, medical, and financial benefits in providing care to millions of people can be powered and transformed by AWS.

  • Get assistance with database migration and dependable, scalable data storage
  • Transform your data into valuable insights by sharing it across platforms
  • Reduce costs by quickly scaling up or down IT resources
  • The most complex organizations can easily implement sophisticated and secure access permissions and processes

Facilitate innovation and enhance the customer experience:

Access constituent services more easily and effectively for improved social outcomes.

  • Increase staff efficiency by creating mobile applications, virtual assistance, and self-service portals
  • Get instant access to powerful IT resources, like natural language processing or machine learning, to improve customer service

Make your solutions faster, better, and more accessible with AWS:

AWS unlocks business enablement, marketing, and technical resources. Connect with your customers while accelerating your go-to-market efforts.

  • Utilize technical resources, consultations, and well-architected evaluations to speed up development with AWS.
  • Create useful data visualizations to aid in decision-making

Maintain and modernize legacy databases and systems:

The scalability, high availability, and lower costs of the AWS Cloud give law enforcement and public safety organizations greater leverage.

  • Support for database migration and reliable and secure data storage
  • Ensure fast, reliable disaster recovery to minimize data loss and downtime
  • Create sophisticated and secure access permissions for organizations of any size
  • Hybrid cloud solutions using on-premises resources

How AeonX can help?

Keeping a long-term consumer focus, being hyper-vigilant, and avoiding practices that slow down innovation is essential for a company in today’s world.

The AWS Public Sector Competency demonstrates AWS technical expertise and proven customer success across a wide range of industries, use cases, and workloads. 

AeonX assists you in using the cloud to transform ideas into opportunities, resulting in new avenues for expansion, improved productivity, and improved customer service. 

With the support of our knowledgeable personnel, you may increase your company’s performance by more than 40% and get better outcomes.

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