AttendX is a cloud SAAS Solution which is used for Contractual Labour Attendance. The solution uses Face recognition as the method of marking a worker present.


  • It supports the Internet of Things (IOT),Big Data, Real-Time Analytics, Mobile Business Networks, third party systems and more.
  • Spend visibility.
  • Cost savings with streamlined sourcing.
  • Balance demand and supply through robust analysis.
  • Optimized stock quantity, minimizing capital investments.
  • Maximize operational efficiency.
  • Reduce defective material wastage through improved quality management.
  • Accurately track and maintain inventory levels.
  • End to end batch traceability.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Boost enterprise productivity through efficient production & warehouse processes.
  • High data quality migration.
  • Reduction in data footprint, TCO, development costs.
  • Faster transaction processing and reporting.
  • Customer satisfaction, cross device support for majority of the functions they use.
  • Simplified user experience (UX) with FIORI, personas.